1. No. 1 Fan

From the recording Mainline

This is a love song, or a song of admiration, that I wrote for Freyah, my wife. My aim in writing it was to strike a balance between candid and endearing, but I must have missed the mark entirely, because when she first heard it, she thought it was about the Toronto Blue Jays.
- Tim O'Reilly


There’s something amazing in not being perfect
I just hope to God that you see that in me,
Cause I could be great, like a minimum eight
But a ten out of ten, I’m not likely to be

But you you’re a twenty, you’re up in the stars
And I’m not one for the raising the bar,
But I’ll keep it open, as long as I can
Just drinking to you, I’m your number one fan

There’s a lot to be said for having some character,
And making your friends all feel fine with their flaws
Cause everyone dreams about high self-esteem,
So I take some comfort in being their cause


There’s a time to be tactical, and an hour for ambition
But both of them happen before I’m awake
But I’ll be alright cause I live for the night
And habits like mine, they’re not easy to shake

Much has been made of the pursuit of perfection
Of leading your section, being top of the class,
But it’s harder to fall, when you’re not on the ball
And with balance like mine, I’ll take a pass