From the recording Mainline

This song is about the Toronto, Grey, and Bruce Railway that ran from Toronto to Owen Sound. It was finished in 1873 but had to be torn up and built again because of the initial choice to use a narrow gauge track that couldn’t handle the heavy cars loaded with passengers and cordwood being delivered over the Niagara Escarpment. It was rebuilt and licensed to C.P. in 1883 and ran until the early 1980’s.
- Ben Wright


The pine trees look darker in the winter
Standing out so stark against the snow
My eyes don’t gaze as high in the winter
The sky shines too bright in the cold

You hoped that lighter would be better
I bear in mind that it takes time to find the funds to fix it
But you really went and hung me out to dry
Waiting on the Grey County Line

You drew a line across the map and stamped it
To foster favour west of the Grand
But built it cheap, built it long and narrow
Up the hill to open up the land


I hope we make it up the hill in Shelburne
I hope we make it through the snows of Owen Sound
The cordwood’s packed in tight, but the gauge is way too light
Three foot six won’t get us back to town