1. You Will Atone

From the recording Mainline

This tune falls somewhere between a murder ballad and a prison tune. The story is a lot like the classic tale of Willie and Katie, the Romeo and Juliet of bluegrass lore, whose love is forbidden by their parents. However, in this version, rather than kill themselves, the couple goes after the parents instead, which is when everything goes wrong.
- Tim O'Reilly


As I held your hand in mine
Pulled you in, tried to tell you it was fine
But the tears, how they fell
There was no end to your storm, or bottom to the well

When you told me what they’d said,
I can’t dream what was running through your head
As you thought of what they’d do
If they knew that I was with you

But your house of cards was blown away by the wind

Oh the lies, they started young
But you were gifted with your craft, and clever with your tongue
Once you’d built the walls,
They barely even knew you at all

You would scheme, and you’d deceive
When all you had to do was leave
And when the truth started to show,
Clearly, someone had to go.

And your house of cards was blown away by the wind
And the king of spades survived and witnessed our sin
You will atone, but you were never free
I am only now that you’re far away from me

I would take that fall again
And I made the call in the end
Cause when it all panned out I knew,
I only did what you needed me to do