1. Upgraded Love

From the recording Mainline

A friend of mine’s partner left him, but within a few years he had met someone new, started a new job, and bought a house. It’s a happy story, but it made for a sad song, as told from the opposite perspective.
- Rob McLaren


Upgraded love, it happened to me
What a surprise that I turned out to be
One more thing in your life that was not good enough
Now I’m the victim of upgraded love

I knew you were unhappy a year or two ago
With a job that you hated, and nothing to show
So you quit, found a new job where they treat you real nice
You looked around at the rest of your life


You moved to a new place away uptown
Away from the lowlifes you used to hang around
You quit your bad habits we used to share
You seem so much better off without me there


It’s easy to see now that I held you back
But you’ve made some changes, you’re on the right track
And your new love, well he’s perfect of course
You’ll forget about all the loves you’ve had before
You knew there was more